Our personal safety and conflict management and physical intervention training courses, Licensed and Security Industry qualifications.

These interactive, creative and scenario based conflict management and personal safety training programmes, and Security Industry qualifications equip you and your staff so you can recognise, reduce and manage difficult situations at work.

Our physical interventions training programmes are professionally, morally and ethically developed.  As a consequence, we enable staff have no choice but to use physical interventions to do so more safely.

Our First Aid training courses provide delegates with the necessary skills to confidently respond if a first aid incident occurs.

For those completing our Security and Licensing Sector courses, you gain not only the qualification to apply for your licence to work within the Security and Licensed Industries, you also gain the skills and ability to manage difficult situations more safety and professionally.

Conflict Resolution Limited is an established training provider.  Whilst we have bases in Bicester, Oxfordshire and Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire we operate throughout the United Kingdom.

Our training solutions are designed to help

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Training conflict management and personal safety

Effectively and safely managing upset, emotional or unpredictable people takes skill. For example, most of us find balancing customers unrealistic expectations quite challenging. Moreover, it can be daunting having to give unwelcome news to someone else.

An additional concerns is that If staff don't have the necessary skills to do these things safely, clearly, everyone involved could be at risk.

Our practical, scenario based training programmes, enable staff to professionally interact with skill and confidence to effectively manage these situations.

They will undoubtedly make their working environment safer and more secure for themselves and customers when they use effective conflict management and personal safety skills. The organisation's reputation and standing will also be enhanced.

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Conflict management and personal safety

Physical intervention courses

We believe that most workplace conflict can be resolved without using physical skills.

However; we do understand that some staff sometimes use physical skills as a necessary last resort, normally to protect themselves or someone else.

All of the Maybo Licensed training courses we deliver are modular.
Each course is tailored to the needs of the client and delegates.

Typically, a course might include
- assault avoidance,
- disengagement,
- guiding, restrictive
- holding and escorting skills or
- clinical holding modules.

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Physical intervention

We also deliver First aid training courses, licensed, and security industry qualifications

First aid

These are fun, interactive and practical courses, therefore you should enjoy yours.

Some people need a First Aid qualification for work.
But of course, its not just about gaining a qualification.

Unquestionably, successful completion of your course will improve your knowledge, skills and confidence. So that, should an incident occur you can manage it safely and appropriately.

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First Aid training solutions

Licensed and security industry qualifications

You need to be qualified before you can work in the Security, Hospitality and Leisure industries as a Door Supervisor, Security Guard, Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) or responsible person selling alcohol (Personal Licence Holder).
As an established training provider Conflict Resolution Limited are ideally placed to help you.

Not only do we equip you with the knowledge to obtain the qualification, we also train you to do the job effectively and confidently through our interactive, practical courses

Having successfully completed your training, you can apply for your licence

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Licensed and Security Industry qualifications

Based in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, we deliver training solutions throughout the UK.

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