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Mediators, Training Provider and Consultancy

We are Handy Resolutions Limited – (re branded from Conflict Resolution Limited), civil and commercial mediators, consultants and a training provider in personal safety, conflict management, physical interventions, and qualifications for the Security and Licensed sector

Here at Handy Resolutions Limited, as a training provider we design and deliver effective training solutions, therefore enabling you to manage workplace conflict and challenging behaviour

Where training in physical interventions are essential for your staff or for service user safety and security, we can support you.  Our physical interventions training programmes are simple, non-aggressive and effective

Working with the Security, Hospitality and Leisure industry. we deliver qualifications so that people gain their licenses to work as part of the security, hospitality or licensed team

As Civil and Commercial mediators, we can find settlements to workplace disputes, misunderstandings and conflict at work.

As Consultants, we support organisations to recognise gaps and risks of workplace conflict and to reduce, manage and mitigate these

With bases in Bicester Oxfordshire and Chalfont St Giles, Bucks, we operate throughout the UK.


Handy Resolutions Limited, formerly Conflict Resolution Limited, the Training provider for managing conflict situations and for Licensed or Security qualifications

We train people in the public, private and voluntary sectors. As a training provider in personal safety and conflict management, our services are essential for any organisation whose employees interact with the public. This necessarily includes Retail, Hospitality, Licensed and Security sectors, the NHS and Local Authorities

Our conflict management, personal safety and physical interventions courses are interactive, scenario based and individually tailored to your needs.

Do you need a Licensed or Security Industry qualifications? For example a Personal licence, Door Supervisor licence or a Security Guard licence?

Perhaps you want a First Aid qualification?

Get qualified with us!

In other words, tell us your needs and we will design, and deliver a training course to meet them

Are you unsure whether you are eligible to apply to the Security Industry Authority for a licence which allows you to work in this industry?  If so, you can make sure by clicking here to go to the SIA website to check.  Either that or contact us and we can discuss it with you.

Training solutions


Violence risk reduction and conflict management consultancy

Are you, or your colleagues dealing with difficult situations at work?

Similarly do you, or they manage unpredictable or confused people?

Are you, or they exposed to workplace conflict?

Do your service users show behaviour that concerns you, or your teams?

You will, no doubt have introduced safe working practices but, how confident are you that they are being followed? Moreover, are they due for an overhaul?

In other words, can you introduce safer ways of working for the safety and security of your staff, service users and others?

We are specialists in reducing workplace conflict and creating safer working environments and we can undoubtedly help.

We will carry out a complete workplace conflict and violence review of your organisation. From, on the one hand, reviewing policies and guidance to examining working practices on the other.

We will identify, and evaluate any need for ‘change’ and make recommendations as necessary.

Equally importantly, we offer support through any ‘change’ process that you make.

Look at how we, as consultants can help you.  Click on the link to view more information

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Civil and Commercial Mediation and dispute resolution

Misunderstandings and breakdowns in communication often cause disputes. Not surprisingly, if despite your best efforts someone doesn't budge, you cannot reach an agreement. Worse, the situation is left to fester.

Clearly this is a recipe for disaster and may of course explode!

Significant disputes are likely to have a destructive effect on one or more of those involved and, can also be harmful to those around them as well.

We can help resolve your dispute as civil and commercial mediators.

There is absolutely no need to end up in a court or a tribunal to resolve a dispute. Above all, you don't have to let it eat away at your peace of mind! Use an alternative - a dispute resolution and mediation service.

Mediation is an undeniably refreshing alternative and it's infinitely cheaper too! It has so many advantages. In the first place, you remove the threat of legal action. A looming court case can consume everyday life!

By the same token, you will have unquestionably reduced, or avoided altogether, the financial and emotional cost of a court action through successful mediation. Moreover, you can rebuild relationships, so long as that is what you all want.

Find out more about our alternative dispute resolution and mediation services. See below

So, contact us here at Handy Resolutions Limited and we will answer you as soon as possible to discuss how we can help or click on the links on this page to view the you wish more information about

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