The Award for Personal Licence Holders.  (The APLH)

The Award for Personal Licence Holder or APLH – the qualification that you need to get a licence to sell alcohol

You will need a Personal Licence if you want to be the person responsible for the day to day operation of a licensed premises, such as a Pub, a Bar or Club.

You also need this licence if you want supervise selling alcohol by retail or sell it yourself

This means that if you sell alcohol from a shop or other premises, you, or someone working with you must be a personal Licence holder

If you work behind a bar, you, or someone supervising you must have this Licence

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Once you have your Personal Licence, it is valid indefinitely

Our course for Personal Licence Holders

You can study this short course at home using our online training resources from Highfield ABC. We will guide you through the learning if you need it.

Once you have completed your study, you sit your examination from the comfort of your own home.

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The full course, including learning materials and examination is yours for £60 plus VAT.

You may want to be a Designated Premises Supervisor. If so, firstly, you need to get your Personal Licence.

You may just want to be part of a team in a pub, bar, restaurant of other place selling alcohol. If so, again, you need your personal Licence.

Either way, the qualification is the first step.

Once you have your qualification, you can then apply to your Local Authority Licensing committee. You will need to provide them with a) proof of your qualification, b) proof of the right to work in the United Kingdom, c) proof of age (you must be 18 years old or over) d) a DBS certificate - the criminality check, a completed application form and two passport sized photographs of yourself.

So, book your course for £60 plus VAT by contacting us directly to arrange delivery of your course materials.

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