Personal safety and conflict management training


Our conflict management and personal safety training programmes support many customer facing roles including Local Authorities, Healthcare, Transport, Security and the Leisure industry and Retail.

We deliver training solutions tailored to your, and your colleagues needs so that can manage your personal safety,

that of others and these situations, more safely, professionally and confidently.

Conflict management for the Healthcare Sector

This creates situations where service users and their relatives frequently become confrontational and because they are emotionally charged and therefore less able to process information, they are more likely therefore to become defensive.

This of course, quite often develops into workplace conflict and violence.

Whether its a workplace conflict situation or, managing a confused, disorientated patient, our conflict management, personal safety and physical interventions training solutions are designed to equip staff to manage these situations safely, effectively and confidently.

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Conflict management for the Transport Sector

Most people using transport sector services don't present staff with challenging situations and workplace conflict problems. Unfortunately however; a significant minority do present very real challenges. Challenges that staff often find difficult to manage. Additionally, many employees are lone workers or, work in isolated areas with little, or no access to immediate support.

Many employees are expected enforce regulations, tackle anti-social behaviour, or give unwelcome news. They often encounter angry, upset or emotionally charged people. Similarly, they deal with dissatisfied customers and other unpredictable people - certainly those with alcohol or drug misuse issues, and some with mental health concerns.

Give staff the ability, confidence and skills and they can deal with these risk situations safely, effectively and professionally. Our conflict management, personal safety and physical interventions training solutions, designed to equip staff to do just that. Tailored to your needs and the issues that staff encounter at work.

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Managing Retail conflict and conflict within the Security, Leisure and Hospitality Sector

Retail conflict, and conflict within the Leisure industry is very common. Many staff face abuse, threats and worse on a regular basis.

Some customers display emotionally charged behaviour, or unrealistic expectations when they return damaged or faulty goods. Others when they feel the service received isn't up to their expectations. Some make unreasonable demands.

depending on the environment, some employees and their supervisors quite regularly engage with disruptive or anti social customers and others. Often they feel they must because others are looking on and expecting them to act to stop the behaviour.

Furthermore there are some employees who feel that they are expected to, and must act to tackle people who are determined to engage in criminal activity. For example, those who steal from the premises or, from other customers.

These are typical examples of high risk situations that employees and their supervisors encounter. We recognise that retail conflict and conflict within the Hospitality and Leisure industry is common. Our interactive, practical conflict management, personal safety and physical interventions training solutions, specifically designed to equip you, and your staff to manage these situations enable you to do so safely confidently and effectively.

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Training for Local Authorities and Housing Sector

Local Authority and Housing Sector staff undoubtedly encounter unique pressures and situations.

Working across a diverse range of roles and function, you or your colleagues encounter people who need your services but perhaps, don't know how to ask, what to ask for, or maybe, do the wrong thing, breaching regulations for example. Others may experience personal, social or environmental pressures. These people may include, the homeless, victims or perpetrators of anti-social behaviour, those with alcohol or substance dependency, mental health issues and/or, financial difficulties.

Then, there is the additional risk to staff with many of them lone working or working with limited access to immediate support if required.

Our interactive, practical conflict management, personal safety and physical interventions training solutions are designed to equip staff to manage these, and other situations more safely, effectively and confidently.

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