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Supporting organisations, staff and service users since 2007 with training solutions and consultancy services


Delivering conflict management and personal safety training solutions, First Aid, Licensed Industry qualifications and more

Working throughout the public and private sector as conflict management and personal safety professionals with a wealth of expertise.

Whatever your sector; Retail, Leisure, Healthcare, Care, Security, Hospitality, Transport, Housing, Local Authority or other function, we can help

And in addition, Civil and Commercial Mediators to add further benefits

What does our company offer?

We at Conflict Resolution Ltd offer a range of strategies for managing workplace conflict, challenging behaviour and personal safety.

Firstly, we support each organisation we work with by reducing the opportunity for workplace conflict to occur.  Then, we also identify and support development of that organisation's strategies to manage workplace conflict that does occur.

The second strand of our approach provides professional training solutions in personal safety, conflict management and if necessary, physical interventions.  Through these training programmes we enable staff to more safely and confidently manage difficult situations and challenging behaviour.  These tailored programmes enhance and build the skills and abilities of staff with the added benefit that they go on to create positive environments at work.  Those positive environments in themselves further reduces the opportunity for future conflict.

The final strand in our conflict management strategies is conflict resolution - mediation. Where conflict is ongoing, perhaps because someone is considering legal action, Conflict Resolution's final strategy of mediation creates the platform where those involved can reach a settlement satisfactory to all.


We believe therefore that Conflict Resolution Ltd is somewhat unique offering conflict reduction, conflict management and conflict resolution services

In addition to our conflict management and personal safety strategies we also offer

Training programmes to delegates within the security industry. Our success rate on these qualification linked courses is outstanding. That is to say, over 98% of delegates attending our Security Industry licensed qualifications pass their course

In addition to qualifications for the Security Industry and Licensed Sectors, we also offer First Aid training qualifications

Our founder

Keith started Conflict Resolution Ltd in 2007, drawing on his vast experience of managing challenging situations in operational settings for the previous 30 years.  During this time, he worked in partnership with many of those in the night time economy, the retail sector, public services and acute healthcare to name a few.

As well as creating and building the company, he established himself as a respected principal trainer with Maybo Limited – a position held for over 12 years.  This position has allowed him to travel throughout the United Kingdom, into North America and Europe supporting organisations in workplace conflict management.   This relationship, has enabled Keith to develop a sound and significant expertise in conflict management and workplace personal safety provision.  Consequently, Keith has honed his expertise in conflict resolution and delivery of training solutions across the public, private and voluntary sector.

He is also physical interventions instructor, adept at all levels from assault avoidance, to disengagement, guiding, clinical and restrictive holding and escorting as well as mechanical restraint.  He is also an accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator

Conflict Resolution Ltd associates

Our network of knowledgeable, sector competent and experienced associates are equipped and well placed to support organisations throughout the UK.   These associates are not only experts in their fields, many have years of operational experience to support them and you.

To view what Conflict Resolution Ltd offers

Maybo Limited licence our conflict management and physical interventions programmes. Our experienced, and licensed centre, has delivered numerous licensed courses over the last 10 years

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