At Conflict Resolution Limited, we are Consultants in the reduction, avoidance and management of workplace conflict

We specialise as consultants in the reduction, avoidance and management of workplace conflict, challenging behaviour, and behaviour of concern.

Behaviours of concern to employees, or an organisation are shown by service users, customers, colleagues or others.  Generally, concerning behaviour might include workplace conflict, anger, abuse, aggression, violence, inappropriate actions, or unwanted attention.  Sometimes this is directed towards employees but equally, it can be directed towards anyone else, and also towards property.

Behaviour is a way of communicating a message.  Often its because the person has an unmet need.  Specifically, they either want something or, they want to avoid something.

However; whilst they have unmet needs, the result of their behaviour in those affected and, also towards the organisation can be absolutely devastating.

First and foremost there is the obvious distress and emotional, or physical harm that can be caused.

Then, there are the immediate underlying issues – lost productivity and staff sickness.

Thereafter, the investigation and potential litigation costs.

Lastly, the ongoing costs are most likely to include insurance premium increases, staff turnover and wastage, retraining costs and damage to the organisation’s reputation.

It is entirely possible to avoid or mitigate all of this.


Many of these workplace conflict issues can be avoided, reduced or managed once they are identified.

Our consultants can help

With our experience of workplace conflict management, our consultants are able to undertake a review of an organisation's violence reduction and workplace conflict strategy. We can

- Review the organisation's current policies and procedures

- Examine how these are translated into working practice

- Identify risks, gaps and areas for potential improvement

- Make recommendations on our findings

- Support any change process introduced, if desired

Supporting the change process

On identification of risks, gaps and areas for improvement by our consultants, we offer support. We can help to sell the 'change' to the staff. We can support any changes to policy and guidance, support training programmes and offer training ourselves and mediate any pinchpoints.

The benefits of positive change are likely to include;

- Safer working practices and a safer workforce,
- Coupled with a reduction in internal and external workplace conflict,
- Leading to a reduction in sickness absence through workplace conflict.
- Which creates a more confident, contented workforce
- Balanced against a reduction in the number and severity of incidents of workplace conflict
- Resulting in a reduction in abstraction of managers and others investigating incidents
- Similarly, stabilisation of, or a reduction in insurance costs
- And additionally, a reduced threat of litigation

Not just Consultants but also providing training solutions and professional mediation services if required

Our training solutions and successful mediation, if relevant can be an integral part of any change process introduced.

Training solutions will only enhance the positive benefits outlined above and mediation provides a real opportunity to;

– Reduce misunderstanding

– Rebuild relationships,

– Create a positive way forward

– Produce a settlement that is acceptable to everyone affected

Significantly reduce personal, financial and reputational damage to the organisation and to those affected.


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