Conflict Management in the Workplace

Course Description

This is a very practical course aimed at providing employees with the knowledge, skills and ability to apply effective conflict management skills and principles in the workplace to make their interactions and environment safer, more professionally managed and, welcoming for everyone including themselves, your customers and your organisation. The skills learnt will support them and improve their skills in managing difficult situations. Those skills will transfer to everyday life as well.

We will provide delegates with the opportunity to practice and these skills in a safe learning environment.

The course includes:

a) Rights and responsibilities in dealing with, or being confronted with workplace conflict or violence.
b) The importance of proactive service delivery and why customer expectations are important.
c) Self Awareness: emotional and rational responses; how and why we react and respond to threat stimulus; common triggers; identification of what stops most people from going too far in confrontations and; why positive behaviour works when a person is emotionally charged.
d) How to avoid conflict in the first place; assessing the risk and environment; a safer approach.
e) Effective Communication and Customer Service Skills; Exploration of how communication works; the importance of non verbal communication; the impact of physical and psychological blocks to communication and common strategies to overcome this.
f) Recognising and Defusing Conflict; how to make use of non verbal communication to signal non aggression; maintaining your space and distance; how to use positioning to defuse and calm a situation.
g) Dealing with High Risk Conflict; how to recognise these situations; the escalation points and; strategies for overcoming them and reducing the threat; How you can work with others to defuse a situation; the benefits of team tactics and support and, why empathy works,
h) If necessary, how to appropriately confront; how to enable effective contact and cover when working with others and dealing with a person in conflict and; where necessary how to exit a situation in a safer manner.
i) In resolving conflict exploration of problem solving; how to build a rapport and; the benefits of creating a ‘win win’.
j) Giving unwelcome news and; strategies to assist in reducing adverse reactions from these encounters.
k) Learning from Conflict; Organisational and personal learning; learning why it is so important to record and report incidents; sharing good practice, and supporting those involved.

Course Requirements

  • There are no specific course requirements that you will have to meet

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