Healthcare Assault Avoidance and Disengagement Programme

Course Description

This Maybo Licensed programme compliments and can be incorporated within the CRT/CRT refresher programme. The programme can be delivered with the option for City and Guilds Accredited Certification if required.

The programme addresses the real risks that may be faced by staff who may, in the course of their work may be at risk of encountering workplace violence, clinical assault or; who have to deal with frustrated, angry, aggressive or violent service users or others who may be present.

The training develop staff skills to enable them to recognise, reduce, avoid, defuse and calm, withdraw from or deal with situations involving conflict, workplace violence or clinical assault. The training includes risk recognition and strategies to manage adverse situations professionally and calmly and where necessary, to avoid assaults and disengaging from an aggressive or threatening patient or visitor.

It is a cost effective and accommodating programme delivered over one day.
Key features of this training include:
• enabling staff to problem solve within the workplace.
• they are non aggressive.
• they do not rely on pain to gain compliance.
• they do not rely on strength and can be effectively used regardless of size or strength of the people involved.
• they allow for an ongoing relationship with the service user.

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Course Requirements

  • There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Course Price


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