Level 2 Award in Door Supervision

Course Description

If you, or your employees wish to work as a Door Supervisor you must be licensed by the Security Industry Authority.  This qualification is essential for anyone wishing to apply for the Door Supervisor’s licence.

Our courses are practical, interactive and engaging.  Our training will give you the skills to:

  • deliver professional services to your client and customers
  • enhance safety and security of everyone at your venue
  • enable you to deliver excellent customer service
  • manage challenging behaviour and conflict
  • defuse, calm and resolve difficult situations
  • act appropriately and professionally

Our courses are flexible to suit your needs.  They can be delivered either in separate modules over a period or, as a short course.  Overall, delegates must receive 45 hours of training and this is normally delivered over approximately 6 days however; our awarding body has agreed that providing our delegates undertake to learn the fist module as distance learning, the face to face training can be delivered over 32 and 1/2 hours in 4 days.

The course comprises:

  • Working in the private security industry
  • Working as a Door Supervisor in the private security industry
  • Managing Conflict within the private security industry
  • Physical Intervention Skills within the private security industry

Course Requirements

  • This course is designed for those aged 18 years and over
  • As Door Supervisors will be required to manage and deal with challenging situations, they must have very good communication skills and, good command of the English Language (Welsh Language skills are equally acceptable if working in Wales).

Course Price

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