Physical Interventions (Disengagement)

Course Description

This practical course is designed for people who work in a wide variety of occupations. Some who have benefitted from this course include those working in
– the retail sector e.g. sales staff, loss prevention staff;
– the security industry,
– Licensed Industry staff and Door Supervisors.
– those in the Customer Services industry
– those in the Service Industry
– those maintaining services for Local Authority and Housing Agencies,
– the medical sector
– those in vulnerable positions e.g lone workers

Delivered over one day, the course is aimed at providing delegates with the skills and abilities to avoid, or disengage from unwanted physical contact, or assault in a safer way and one which reduces the risks to the subject, others involved in the situation and, the conflict managers themselves.

The skills taught are easy to learn and apply and, do not use pain to gain compliance. They have been specifically designed so that they are based on natural movements and do not rely on strength so can be effectively used in many workplace situations.

We reinforce that physical interventions are a last resort and, throughout training, we ensure that delegates continue to use conflict avoidance and managment skills to defuse and calm workplace situations in preference to any physical intervention wherever possible or appropriate.

The skills have been subject to expert medical review, and are constantly risk assessed to ensure compiance with current legislative and sector specific regulatory requirements. The skill sets therefore have established credibility in healthcare, security and enforcement settings and engage with reduced restraint in high irsk situations that inspire confidence when used.

There are no formal examinations for this course however; our trainers carry out an ongoing assessment throughout the training to confirm delegates competency on each skill taught.

Those successfully completing the course will be awarded the Maybo Physical Interventions (Disengagement) skills certificate confirming competence.

Course Requirements

  • You must show that you have completed a recognised conflict management course before attending this course. - please contact us if in doubt.
  • You should be fit for your normal workplace role

Course Price


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