Physical Interventions

Course Description

Designed to enable employees to more safely manage behaviours that challenge in a working environment.

These practical courses equip employees working in settings where they are expected to either:

– disengage from unwanted physical contact
– Re-direct, guide a person
– Hold, contain or escort a person in either a low, or a higher restrictive manner depending on justification and requirement


The skills taught are easy to learn and apply and, do not use pain to gain compliance. They have been specifically designed so that they are based on natural movements, they do not rely on strength and so can be effectively used in many workplace situations.

We reinforce that physical interventions are a last resort.  Throughout training, we ensure that delegates continue to use conflict avoidance and management skills to defuse and calm the situation in preference to and in addition to any physical intervention that may be considered.

The skills have been subject to expert medical review, and are constantly risk assessed to ensure compliance with current legislative and sector specific regulatory requirements. The skill sets therefore have established credibility in healthcare, security and enforcement settings.  These skills appropriately applied, engage with reduced restraint in high risk situations and inspire confidence when used.

There are no formal examinations for this course however; our trainers carry out an ongoing assessment throughout the training to confirm delegates competency on each skill taught.

Those successfully completing one of these courses will be awarded the Maybo Physical Interventions skills certificate confirming competence.

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