Our licensed Industry and Security Industry qualifications are the first step towards getting licensed.

Get your personal licence, or your Door Supervisor or Security Guard SIA licence with us.


You are in a position of trust working in the licensed Industry or Security Industry as a Security Guard, Personal Licence Holder or Door Supervisor.

To start with, you are responsible for the safety and security of everyone on the building or venue you are working at.

This means that you must actively and professionally manage the safety and security of the premises, customers and others using the facility

Additionally, you are responsible for safeguarding vulnerable people and taking reasonable steps to protect them from harm

Therefore, you must be licensed and qualified to carry out your role.

At Conflict Resolution Limited, we can help you with this.

Door Supervisor within the Security Industry

A Door Supervisor is undoubtedly, a very important role. The Door Supervisor is the first point of contact for the public, therefore the representative of the venue owner. The Door Supervisor's primary role however; is public safety. There is therefore a significant responsibility that goes with the job.

Before you can work in this role, you must be qualified to apply for your Door Supervisor licence. Our course 'Working as a Door Supervisor' within the Private Security Industry equips you with the skills and ability to do the job. Importantly, its also the qualification you need to be able to apply for the licence.

Having successfully passed your course, you have the qualification to now apply to the Security Industry Authority for your licence. Of course, the SIA will need to check you don't have any criminal convictions prohibiting you from getting a licence. They will also need to confirm you have the right to work in the UK as well.

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Security Officer within the Security Industry

As a security officer, you must be qualified to carry out your duties.

To work as a Security Officer, you must first get the qualification 'Working as a Security Officer within the Licensed Industry, then you can apply to the Security Industry Authority (SIA) for your Security Guard licence.

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Personal Licence Holder

Do you want to work in the licensed industry, to be the manager responsible for the day to day operational running of a pub, bar or maybe a nightclub. In other words, become a Designated Premises Supervisor? Or, do you want the responsibility of managing a bar or selling alcohol in any retail setting?

Either way, you will need a personal licence to sell alcohol. You must successfully complete a course for Personal Licence Holders before you can get a Personal licence.

We offer the Award for Personal Licence Holders course either as a classroom based course, or completely online.

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