Work as a Security Officer in the Private Security Industry

Being a Security Officer in the Private Security Industry is a very responsible job.

You may be working on your own, or as part of a team.

Depending on your role, you could be guarding a building or other premises, protecting land or property,

or protecting a client or group of people

As such, you are a professional.

Taking Security Officer training seriously

We take your training seriously.

The SIA require anyone who wants to work guarding premises, property or people needs to be licensed to do so. In order to get a licence, you must 18 years old or more, and qualified to work as a Security Officer to work within the Private Security Industry. This is where we can help.

Not only do we give you the knowledge and training so that you can get your qualification, we teach you so you have the skills and ability to manage the many different situations you are likely to encounter at work.

If you are thinking about getting qualified you should know that when you apply for your licence from the SIA, you must pass their criminality check. Click on the link below to go to the SIA website if you need to.

Working effectively as a Security Officer

We want to train you so you can pass your examination. However; we aim for more than that. We want you to be great at your job, capable, professional and confident to manage the many and varied challenges you might encounter.

When you learn with us, not only will we give you the knowledge of what you do as a Security Officer, we will provide you with practical skills so you know HOW to be a professional Security Officer. A respected professional team member.

How do we do this? Through interactive, practical fun and scenario based training. Our training takes you step by step through the underpinning knowledge of what you should do. Then we practice doing it in a safe environment with others on your course and we look at what happens when it goes to plan and also what to do when it doesn't.


What does Security Officer training consist of?

This course consists of three elements;

- Working within the private security industry
- Working as a Security Officer within the private security industry
- Conflict management within the private security industry

Learners must have at least 28 hours of training - just under 4 days of learning. However; we are allowed to let learners study some of this in their own. This means that the time in the classroom can be reduced to 18 ½ hours over a minimum of 3 days.

Of course, learners must study at least 9 ½ of the course themselves - we guide you through this and provide all the materials you need as well.

So, these Security Officer courses are flexible - depending on whether we carry out all of the training in the classroom or whether you carry out some learning yourself.

We use scenario based sessions to create interactive, fun, engaging and practical courses.


Our training is flexible to suit you

We can deliver Security Officer courses as either a short course of either 3 or 4 days in length, depending on whether you opt for full classroom learning or, some self study.

We can also deliver these courses over blocks of days, for example over two or three weekends if you desire.

So, for clients who have numbers of learners who need Security Officer courses, we can be flexible to suit your needs

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