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Are you in a stressful….family dispute? neighbour dispute? an employment or, workplace dispute? 


Why should you use mediation – sometimes called ‘alternative dispute resolution’?  As an illustration, consider

The cost – it is so much cheaper than going to court.  Legal fees and court costs run into tens of thousands of pounds, even in straightforward cases.  By comparison, successful mediation can be achieved for as little as a few hundred pounds

The time involved – it is usually be completed in one day – 70% are! source – Civil Mediation Council.  On the other hand, a court case could last years!

Who is in control?  You are!  In other words, when a settlement is reached, you will have agreed to it.  The outcome won’t be imposed on you as compared to a court decision.  A court may disagree with you, and their decision is final!

Confidentiality – it is unquestionably confidential.  Your mediator won’t repeat anything you discuss without your permission.  Whereas, whatever you say in court will be heard by everyone there

How does it work?

Perhaps surprisingly, you don’t have to meet with, or see anyone else in the dispute if you don’t want to.  In the lead up to the mediation, your mediator will ask you about the dispute and will discuss how you want to go ahead.

Once they know what you wish to do, they will either hold the mediation in a venue such as a hotel conference facility, a workplace or other meeting area if relevant.  Or, if having discussions in a meeting rooms isn’t appropriate, they may carry out the mediation by telephone, email, mobile or some other form of media that everyone is comfortable with.

Your mediator will discuss the issue privately and confidentially with each side to the dispute, and in fact will only pass on comments to the other side if they have got agreement that they can do.  They will use their skill and experience of course as they work towards a resolution and settlement with you.


There are many types of dispute that are suitable for mediation.  These include;

Your mediator will not take sides, they will not judge you or what has happened.

As a result, you can be confident that you can speak openly with them, telling them as much as you wish to say.

They will want to know what you would like to settle the dispute and they will, by the same token, look at what the other parties want, as you work towards a settlement

Once you reach a settlement, your mediator will write up what it is that has been agreed.

You and the other parties involved will be asked to sign the agreement.

Having reached agreement, and done whatever you have agreed to do to settle the dispute, that is the end of the matter. The signed agreement is kept by you and the others involved just in case someone doesn't stick to their part.

If that happens, the agreement can be used if you end up going to court - this is very rare but is your safeguard. A court will want to know why the agreement wasn't kept of course.

How important is your peace of mind?  Can this dispute ever get resolved?


Unquestionably, you can settle your dispute using our mediation service!  All things considered, how would you feel if you could achieve that today?


So, whether you are in Oxfordshire, Bucks or elsewhere, contact us at Conflict Resolution Limited for more information on mediation or return to our home page to browse our other services.

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