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Managing retail complaints & conflict and Covid 19
28th May 2020

In this article on managing retail complaints and other issues, we will look the things that you as a retailer or retail employee might do to prepare for, avoid and if necessary more safely manage challenging behaviour in your shop or outlet. These issues could be almost anything.  For example, a customer returning faulty or […]

Managing retail crime and Covid 19
27th May 2020

Managing retail crime is always a challenge.  Now or course, employers and staff must also consider the covid risks alongside these other challenges. Of course, you should be aware of, and always follow Government advice.  In this article, we aim to add to that advice and provide practical advice for employees and employers working in […]

Preparing to work with Covid as a retailer
26th May 2020

In this article, we will be looking at what retailers should be considering when preparing to open outlets to customers and, work with covid risks.   As a retailer and employer, you have a fundamental responsibility to ensure so, far as reasonably practicable the: health, safety and welfare of all of your employees – including […]

The Retail Sector and Covid 19 risks
26th May 2020

A series of articles on managing retail workplace conflict and challenging behaviour whilst managing covid 19 risks. If all goes to plan, we should see additional retail outlets opening on 1st June.  Additionally, many more, if not all will open on 15th June. Of course, you need to manage the risks that you face.  This […]

First Aid training update
24th May 2020

  We have an important update on First Aid training delivery.  The Health and safety Executive – (HSE) have used some guidance on First aid qualifications. This is – That, if you hold a first aid certificate that expires on or after 16th, March 2020, the HSE are granting an extension so that you are […]

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