Paediatric First Aid (1 day course)


The paediatric First Aid 1 day course is for adults working with and caring for babies and younger children

This course offers a valuable supplement to the full paediatric 2 day course, however; it doesn’t meet all of Ofsted’s Early Years and Childcare Registration requirements.

The requirements state that when children are present on premises, at least one person with a current full paediatric first aid certificate is present and available at all times.  Also, that at least one person with the same qualification must be present on childrens’ outings. Further, that childminders, and assistants in sole charge of the children for any period must hold the same qualification.

If you require a full qualification in paediatric First Aid, please go to our paediatric 2 day qualification page.

What’s included in the Paediatric First Aid 1 day course?

This paediatric First Aid 1 day course is designed to give you a clear understanding of your role and responsibility as a paediatric First Aider.

This then includes the ability to assess a situation and, to prioritise your response appropriately.

At the start of your course, you are given a workbook to keep as a valuable aide memoire.

During the course, your trainer will discuss each element of the course. They will also explain in detail why it is necessary to do these actions.

Following discussions, you and the other delegates then practice First Aid safely within the training room.

What does the course cover?

The Role of the First Aider in paediatric First Aid
Child and baby resuscitation
Choking child or baby
Communication and casualty care
Unresponsive child or baby


So, in summary….

The paediatric First Aid 1 day course is a practical course. Your trainer is responsible for developing your knowledge and skill.

Of course, you must take an active part in the childrens First Aid practical sessions.

You must also understand at least the basics of the English language and, possess a reasonable level of mobility and fitness.

To illustrate the fitness and mobility element, your trainer assesses you carrying out Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

In short this involves perhaps kneeling and applying rescue breaths and appropriate chest compressions to one of our manikins for a few minutes.

So, in summary this childrens First Aid course is a fun, interactive, informative, rewarding and practical one.

On successful completion, you gain a certificate in Paediatric First Aid (1 day). This is valid for 3 years.

Another key point is that as your trainer ensures they teach both the practical and theory elements of the paediatric 1 day course, all you need therefore is to be open and commit to learning!

Contact us for more information on our paediatric First Aid 1 day course alternatively, return to our Home or First Aid Training pages for alternative training options



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