Physical Intervention Courses

The use of physical interventions within the workplace must always be a last resort.  Effective management of situations through conflict management skills should always be engaged to reduce the potential for physical interventions, however; we recognise that unfortunately, there are occasions within some working environments where the use of a physical intervention may be required.  In any case where a physical intervention is considered, or has been used, then that consideration must be justified and the use of a physical intervention must be necessary, reasonable and proportionate to the harm that it seeks to prevent.

Are you, or your employees in the course of your working day at risk of having to use a physical intervention to either disengage from unwanted physical contact or, do you necessarily have to guide, escort or restrain a service user, client, customer or other person?

Do you

– deal with confused, disorientated, frustrated, threatening, angry, aggressive or violent people?
– intervene to defuse, de-escalate and calm confrontation?

Our physical intervention training programmes provide simple, effective strategies to meet those challenges.  Our physical interventions programmes are accredited by Maybo and,

• do not rely on pain to gain compliance
• can be learned quickly and are easily recalled
• rely on technique rather than strength, the size and gender of the conflict manager is not a relevant factor.
• have been subject to rigorous scrutiny and have been medically and legally risk assessed
• are constantly reviewed for compliance

Our courses are specifically tailored to your needs and requirements and will always include recognition of the risks of using physical interventions and will always reflect back to using alternatives to physical interventions wherever possible.

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