Conflict Management Courses

Are you, or your employees expected to or, be likely to have to:

  • Manage challenging behaviour?
  • Deal with frustrated, threatening, angry, aggressive or violent people?
  • Intervene to defuse, de-escalate and calm confrontation?
  • give unwelcome news?
  • face abuse, threats or even assault in the workplace?

Every course we deliver is individually tailored to the specific needs of each organisation and, the risks presented to staff, service users and others.

Using practical scenarios based on your working environment, we deliver bespoke and recognised, accredited courses which are tailored to your organisational needs and requirements.

We use high quality resources which can include elearning modules, ebooks and high quality workbooks packed with essential information which is relevant to your chosen course and working environment.

Contact us or view our selection of courses for more details.

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