Conflict management within the Transport Sector

You can manage conflict within the Transport Sector effectively and safely

Do you work in the passenger transport sector?  Are you an employee of, or operator of, taxi, private hire, bus, rail, sea or air passenger transport services?

There are undoubtedly, a considerable number of staff concerned about personal safety in the transport sector and who see workplace conflict regularly

Equally important, many employees on occasion give unwelcome news, tackle anti social behaviour, enforce rules, and confront criminal behaviour.

These employees need training in managing conflict within the workplace.

They may also need training in essential physical interventions.

We design and deliver these training solutions, thereby enabling you and your colleagues to manage workplace conflict effectively, professionally and safely.

The workplace conflict issues that staff are likely to face include

Frustration and anger from travellers. Those who are in a rush, or missed connections, or otherwise emotionally charged because something else is putting them under pressure.

Aggressive and potentially violent people who have lost emotional control, sometimes because their expectation of your service is unrealistic and sometimes because the service has let them down.

Unpredictable people. perhaps people with mental health issues, or those affected by alcohol or other substances, or both.

Vulnerable people. Again some people with mental health issues, maybe the young, the elderly, or confused people. It could be someone with learning disability.

Workplace conflict which develops because of a misunderstanding or miscommunication or something which is outside of your control or theirs.

Anti- social or disruptive behaviour, such as swearing, goading, jostling, queue jumping, rule breaking, adverse gang and group activity. 

Criminal behaviour. This could include non payment for services you have given them, fare dodging, theft, robbery, or assault.

Passenger transport conflict is caused by many different things


Sometimes, we make it worse by doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Many times though, it gets worse because we don’t do the right thing at the right time


We can help


Our Maybo licensed conflict awareness and conflict management training solutions for the Transport, individually tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Therefore, each course is unique.

We also recognise that delegates introduce additional issues they’re concerned about.

As a result, during our courses, we explore solutions to these issues as well, where relevant.

Our trainers are very adept, competent and experienced to manage the challenges faced by staff.

The trainers create an ‘all inclusive’ environment using practical, scenario based, interactive training sessions.

This is because, we have found this to be the ideal way of creating a positive learning experience for everyone.

Most importantly though, this approach bestows confidence and, empowers staff to take their learning back to the workplace

These transport sector conflict management training solutions are individually tailored to need.  Because of this, each course varies.  However; they typically include:


Recognising conflict risks and understanding responsibilities

A good understanding of human behaviour

Understanding the causes of escalation and what to do about them

Using effective communication strategies

Introducing positive approaches and behaviours

Adopting deescalation strategies

Developing assertiveness and self awareness

Managing challenging and disruptive behaviour

Post incident considerations, personal and organisational learning


Some employees need training in physical interventions for when they respond to workplace conflict or, when required to manage conflict within this industry

No-one wants to use physical interventions to detain anyone or restrict them. We believe that the vast majority of conflict management within the Transport Sector is resolvable without using physical interventions. Therefore, from a moral and ethical standpoint, the use of physical interventions must always be limited and used solely for that person's, or some other person's safety and security. We know however; that this type of intervention is absolutely essential on occasion. Recognising this, our physical interventions comprise:

Effective non aggressive physical interventions

Low level guiding skills, designed to keep emotional arousal at a low level

Safer holding and escorting skills

Click on the link to our page on physical interventions, or contact us for more information on how we can support you manage conflict in the transport sector.  Alternatively, view our other opportunities via our home or training page.


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