The Retail Sector and Covid 19 risks

Published: 26th May 2020

A series of articles on managing retail workplace conflict and challenging behaviour whilst managing covid 19 risks.

If all goes to plan, we should see additional retail outlets opening on 1st June.  Additionally, many more, if not all will open on 15th June.

Of course, you need to manage the risks that you face.  This is after all, a fundamental responsibility whether you are an employer or an employee.  Our series of articles, focus on managing challenging situations, shop thefts, complaints and other issues.  They are themed ‘Working in the retail sector with covid’ and are designed to help.  Ultimately, we hope that you find these interesting and informative.  These articles should be read in conjunction with the latest Government guidance.  They mirror that guidance and therefore will be updated as guidance changes.

It is really important that you as a retailer and, your staff review your assessment of risk for everything you and they do – with covid 19 as the added ingredient.  Your risk assessments and policies  will significantly impact on the health safety and welfare of everyone in your outlet so, they definitely need reviewing.

Managing workplace conflict and, challenging behaviour

As specialists in reducing workplace conflict and managing challenging behaviour, we have within our articles, naturally looked at reducing and managing conflict however; so much of what we have identified relates to general health and safety as well.  This is because they form the basis of managing customer and staff expectations and, following them provides good customer service.  Therefore, our articles include relevant general guidance as well as more specialist information.

We believe that if we get customer service delivery right and, manage customer expectations, we will definitely reduce, and manage those difficult situations much more easily.  In fact, by setting the right tone to start with and responding professionally, we will avoid many potential clash points altogether.

Please select the articles which are relevant to you and take use this to inform your own assessment of and, response to the risks you face.

If you want to talk to us directly about your particular working environment, please get in touch.

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